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一、Enterprise Introduction

   Hongan Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1985, is located in the beautiful coastal city of Weihai. The predecessor of the company was Wendeng Communication Cable Factory. In 1993,  it formed an enterprise group, namely Wendeng Communication Cable Group Company. In 1998, it changed its name to "Shandong Hongan Group Company ". In 1999, it was approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce to rename as "Hongan Group Co., Ltd. " In 2001 the company restructuring from the original township enterprises to the modern private enterprises.

0000.jpgAt present, Hongan has 1126 employees, total assets of 1.58 billion yuan, the plant area of 1 million square meters, construction area of 400,000 square meters. Our products include optical fiber & cable(12 million core km per year), patch cord(3.6 million pieces per year), network cable(1 million boxes per year), telecommunication cable(1.2 million pairs per year) and communication equipment( OLT,ONU,PLC,SFP and so on).As the earliest and  most experienced company in  China optoelectronic telecommunications cable industry, the production and sales amount  for five consecutive years of Hongan won the top three in the same industry.

        Hongan  Hongan Group consists of 7 wholly owned subsidiary companies, name Weixin  Fiber Technology Co., Ltd, Weihai Changhe Optelecom Science and Technology Co., Ltd , Changhe Fiber optic Cable Co., Ltd, Hongan Telecommunication Cable Co., Ltd, Hexin Small-Loan Company,Ronghui Warehousing Company, and  two joint venture companies, name Shenzhen Pengda Optoelectronic Co., Ltd and Shenzhen C-Data Technology Co.,Ltd., and owns a provincial enterprise development center, a provincial engineering laboratory and a national post-doctoral research station.

Over the years, Hongan  Group has always been committed to the research and development, production and sales of optoelectronic communication cables and related products. Hongan’s strength and scale have expanded constantly. Hongan was granted "Top 100  largest chinese electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise ", "top 100 China electronic information industry", "top 10 China optical fiber and cable", "top 10 chinese famous optical fiber and cable brand ", "national torch Plan High-tech Enterprises "," Top 50 China Electronic Information Industry "," Top 100 Industrial Enterprise in Shandong Province "," Top Ten High-tech Enterprise in Shandong Province "and a series of honorary titles such as" Shandong Province Fumin Xinglu Labor Commendation "



二、Equipment、product and certificates

1、Fiber Optic Cable

The company started the production and R & D of fiber optic cable in 1993. Hongan imported world-class automated production lines and automatic quality-testing equipment from Japan, Switzerland, Finland, the United States and other countries and regions. The production scaled was expanded in 1998, 2001 and 2012 constantly, and annual production capacity has been greatly increased. The expansion continued in 2014, 2015 and 2016, reaching 12 million core km per year.

At present, the company owns 91 sets of production equipment, including 18 sets of optical fiber coloring equipment, 2 sets of ribbon-combining equipment, 18 sets of secondary-coating equipment, 18  sets of cable-finishing equipment, 2 sets of tape-wrapping equipment , 34 sets of outer sheath equipment, 2 sets of steel-wire stranding equipment; and 192 sets of cable testing equipment. Fiber optic cable production includes outdoor fiber optic cable, indoor fiber optic cable,  cable and special fiber optic cable (OPLC cable, ADSS cable, underwater cable, mini cable, full dry outdoor fiber optic cable, portable suspending cable, invisible cable, low temperature resistant cable, high temperature resistant cable, etc.). With the diversification of information development, Hongan also designs and produces a variety of fiber optic cable products according to the requirements of users, to meet the needs of different users and diversified market.


2、Data Cable

     In the 1990s, with the popularization of computers in China and the rapid development of broadband networks, Hongan introduced a new  CAT5  data cable production line in 1988.  After launched onto the market, Hongan’s products were favored by users.

       In 2001, Hongan began to improve  the techniques of CAT5e data cable, which was listed into the national key technological transformation projects, and was given special funds as  encouragement.  Hongan introduced  insulated single wire, twisted pair, cable- finishing equipment and testing equipment from Austria, France, the United States and other countries, as well as domestic packaging equipment etc. In 2013, Hongan expanded the production scale of data cable with the key production and testing equipment purchased from Shanghai, Jiangsu and other provinces. Currently, Hongan owns 76 sets of data cable production equipment, including 5 insulated single-wire equipment, 45 sets of twisted-pair equipment, 15 sets of cable-finishing lines, 11 sets of outer sheath lines, 4 sets of packaging equipment, and 50 sets of testing equipment.The annual production capacity reached 100 million boxes. Cable types are from CAT5 to CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6e, CAT7  and large-pairs data cable, covering indoor and outdoor, UTP and FTP, single sheath and double sheath  products, which can meet the different needs of users.


3、Telecommunication Cable

     Hongan Group started from producing the single core telephone  and then began to produce ordinary telecommunication cables in 1988. With the rapid development of  communication sand other infrastructure construction in China, the products was extremely in high demand,  so that Hongan introduced 11  production lines from Japan, the United States  and other  countries. The products include HYV, HYYV, HYA, HYAC, HYAT and other different types . In 1990s , Hongan’s production scale and techinique equipment  were at the top of  the domestic industry.

  With the advent of fiber optic cable , fiber optic cable became very popular in the market by unparalleled cost-effective advantage, and gradually replaced the telecommunication cable .  After 2000, the company limited the output of telecommunication cable, and the current production capacity is about 1.2 million pair- kilometers per year.



     In the initial stage, Hongan Group has already established the enterprise spirit of "contentious improvement,pioneering innovation, hard work,united endeavor, high quality and efficiency, racing to the top " and  the  quality policy of "strict and qualified" " survival on the basis of quality, development on the basis of credit " .

     In 1997, Hongan Group obtained the certificates of the IS0-9000 international quality management system . Taking this as a new starting point, Hongan constantly constructs  its quality  management system and regulates its personnel, materials, equipment systems. Now Hongan has obtained  TLC Management System Certificate,  Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate, and Environmental Management System Certification.

     Over the years, Hongan regulates the production, testing and other links strictly in according to the relevant standards to ensure product quality.At present, Hongan's product quality,  have met industry standards, the United States REA standards and international IEC standards, passed the MIIT TLC certification, the United States UL certification, the EU CE certification,  and obtained  the national defense communications equipment quality certification, and network access certificate.


三、Research and development

      As the national high-tech enterprise,Hongan Group owns one provincial enterprise technology center and one postdoctor research station. Hongan won the "Top 50 innovative enterprise of China electronic information industry  " in 2017.

      Hongan always follows the tendency of information industry and has established the development rule of " manufacturer generation ,research generation  and potential generation ". We are improving the capability of independent innovation by

introducing the advanced equipment and absorbing from the former innovation

experience. Hongan has developed 81 types opto-electric products,  which filled five

provincial gaps, two national gaps, and obtained all kinds of technology progress

award and 22 national patents. Especially, our SSTP C450 CAT5e data cable was awarded

as the excellent project of Torch Plan and listed into key project into the third special fund for treasury bond by original State Economic and Trade Commission. The accessing drop cable was listed into  key investing project of national industry revitalization. The main products have obtained many reputation like "Shandong famous brand","Shandong famous trademark " "Shandong iconic product" and so on.


四、After-sales service

    Hongan Group considers the customers as God, takes “winning credit from customers and meeting requirement of customers ”as principle. As a result, Hongan Group promises to all of our customers that:

    1. service rules: quick,decisive, corrective, considerate, though service objective: obtain satisfaction from customer with service quality service  efficiency:if any breakdown occurs during the guarantee period, we will reply within one hour and arrive the site within 24 hours after receiving the notification.

   2. Guarantee the high reliability and stability of products, guarantee that all the raw material are coming from International and domestic famous brand.

   3. Guarantee that the quality record and testing material of the whole manufacturing process are kept for traceablity.

    4. Guarantee quality, quantity and in-time service during guarantee period, provide 24-hour telephone support and free home service. Service hotline: 86-631-8357098.

   5. After guarantee period, Hongan provides long-term technical support and visit and call-back will be no less than 3 times per year. No matter what the fault cause is , we will send technical staff to help as long as our customer is in need.

   6. Provides technical training for related project and staff according to the customer's requirement, help customer to learn the use and maintaince, make sure the long-term stable running of equipment.

   7. Set up customer complaint system to handle the complain  quickly.we will constantly improve our service according the various requirement of customer , not only make customer satisfy by our products, but also by our service.  


五、Sopto tenchnology co., LTD

Sopto Technology Co., LTD,acquired in March,2016, mainly do business on fiber optic products, whose products are divided into two categories —positive product and active optic product.

Company Strategy

1.Market Strategy- "concentrate on international market "to "both domestic and international market"

Hongan is keeping the close business relationships with 15 operators and custmers from 105 countries > It takes the international market as the dominance, provides comprehensive and professional solutions for Data Center and FTTX.

2.Product Strategy- Four key products as dominance,  various competitive products as supplement

With the continuous development over 30 years, Hongan has formed the product strategy that takes EPON/GPON equipment,  fiber transceiver,  PLC spliter ,  patch cord as dominance, joint cosure,adaptor, FTTx distribution box, cable management frame and other fiber accessories as supplement.Sopto integrates the fiber passive and active product and focuses on the ICT field, provides superior and professional solutions and service for customers.

3.Talent strategy- Management of individuation, humanization,scientization

Related certificates

六、Weihai weixin fiber technology co., ltd.

   Weihai Weixin Fiber Technology Co., Ltd, established in September 2013, is a fiber production company invested by Hongan Group Co., Ltd (70%)and Hengtong optic-electric Co., Ltd (30%)together(technology transfer agreement is signed at the same time, which guarantees the quality of fiber by the technic support from Hengtong Group).It is located in Lingang Economic Development Area, resisted capital 100 million RMB, overall floor area 81000 100 employees.

The investment for  Phase-    I of Weixin fiber drawing project was 23 million, introducing the advanced equipment(3 drawing towers and 6 production lines) from America PK, France CONDUCTIX and Shanghai Yupin.  The Phase-I was put into production in December 2014, with yearly output of 7 million core km. With the completion of construction of Phase-II at June 2016, the technological equipment has doubled on the base of Phase-I.


七、Weihai changhe optelecom science and technology co., Ltd.


      Weihai Changhe Optelecom Science and Technology Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned holding company of Hongan Group, established  November 2016, whose registered capital is up to 200million, plant area 53000 , and major products are fiber optic preform and fiber.

1500 million is planed to be  invested into this new preform project.  600 million was invested into the Phase-  I for introducing about 60 advanced manufacturing and testing  equipment from South Korea and America and purchasing 40 domestic support equipment.The two-step process technology,  VAD+OVD , which mainly originates from South Korea, is applied to this project.The Project -Phase I will be put into production in May 2018, and yearly output of preform will achieve 200 tons, with domestic leading quality. The product will be  launched onto the domestic and foreign market on the base of meeting the requirement of Hongan itself.

     With the rise of China information communication industry, Hongan Group will   seize the opportunities to enlarge optic-electric communication cable business, expand the production chain. After the optical fiber drawing,  Hongan is undertaking the fiber preform project, which will achieve 600 tons per year after the competition of the whole project. At the same time, Hongan   concentrate efforts on the developing of high-tech optical communication equipment, aiming to transit from a products-selling company to a solution and service- selling company.

     Hongan Group will welcome friends and customers form the world to develop and corporate with open and  practical attitude.  



  ● In January, the Wendeng county's Communication equipment factory was established at southern mountain of Ou wan of Wencheng town.

  ● In August, the Wendeng county's Communication equipment factor had 2hectares of Land expropriation to prepare to build new factory.


  ● In June, copper wire solid polethylene insulated PVC sheathed communication cables of HYV and HYYV types had successfully developped.


  ● In April, Mr. SunYouan who is 26 year old became the director of the factory of Wendeng city's communication cables factory

  ● In August, advanced copper wire solid polethylene insulated aluminium shielded polyethylene sheathed communication cable had successfully developped and put into production.


  ● In December, the product of high frequency rural area used had been approved by Testing Center of Posts and Telecommunications of Ministry.


  ● In February, the Weihai's cable research institute was established, which was the first scientific research organization.

  ● In March, the first KOSOCA-CTF2000 insulated wires production line made by Japanese KOBE STEEL Ltd was imported.

  ● In April, the type of JOW2-500 twist machines, cabling machines of JPW-φ1600 and PW-φ2500, the type of S3-150/25 of sheath coating machine all purchased from Shanghai's Electrical Machinery Industry, all the number of those machines are 58 sets.

  ● In November, the first-class advanced testing and monitoring equipment made by US DCM company was imported.

  ● In December, the type of DAVIS-2500 of 4 production lines of insulated wires made by US DAVIS company were imported.


  ● In September, the '7-5' brand communication cables were obtained netword access licenses of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and the National Defense General Stall.

  ● In Semptember, Member of the political bureau of the central committee of the CPC, vice-chairman of the National People's Congress Standing Committee Mr. TianJiyun visited the company.


  ● From March to May, 5 production lines of insulated wires of KOSCOAJ-CJF2000 made by Japanese KOBE STEEL.Co Ltd were imported.

  ● In June, Mr.SunYouan was honored Pace-setters in the new Long March.

  ● In September, member of the standing committee of the political bureau of the Communist Party of China, member of secretariat of the of the CPC Central Committee Mr.HuJintao visited the company.

  ● In November, a set of the optical fiber cables made by Swiss CAB company were imported .

  ● In December, Mr.SunYouan took part in the national cross-century conference of youthful outstanding workers and took the group photo with the national leaders of Mr. JiangZhemin, Lipeng and others.


  ● In April, the testing center of optical fiber and cables was established.

  ● In July, the optical fiber cables were successfully developped and put into production.

  ● In November, types of optical fiber cables of GYTA53-48 and GYTS-12 were approved by scientific technology company of Ministry of Post.


  ● In February, Hongan's technology development center based on the Weihai's cable research institute that is the first enterprese 's technology development center in Weihai city was planed to build.

  ● In November, 'the 7-5' brand optical fiber cables were obtained the netword access licenses of Ministry of Post and the National Defense General Stall.


  ● In June, member of the political bureau of the central committee of the CPC, Secretary of a provincial Party committee of Shandong province Mr. WuGuanzheng visited the company.

  ● In September, the State Councillor, the Secretary-General of the State Council , deputy secretary of the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee of the CPC Central Committee Mr. Luogan visited the company.

  ● In September, the name of Wendeng communication cables Group was changed as the Shandong Hongan Group.

  ● In October, 'the 7-5' brand of optical fiber cables , communication cables and wires were obtained the honor of first Weihai's famous trademark.


  ● In March, the Hongan Group communication cable compay obtained the certificate of ISO-9000 International Quality System issued by France.

  ● In May, four pairs group twist production line was imported from Canada.

  ● In August, Vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference the president of Chinese Academy of Engineering Mr. Songjian visited the company.

  ● In September, the symmetrical twisted pairs cable of HSYV5-4×2×0.51 was developped.

  ● In November, secondary coating plastic production line and fiber coloring machine were imported from NOKIA comanpy.

  ● In December, the category 5 data cables was approved of reaching the national standards by the experts of the center of wire transmission products quality testing and monitoring of Ministry of Post.


  ● In February, the symmetrical twisted pairs cable of HSYV5-4×2×0.51 was approved by Shandong's post administrative bureau.

  ● In April, member of the political bureau of the central committee of the CPC, Secretary of a provincial Party committee of Shandong province Mr. WuGuanzheng visited the company.

  ● In June, category 5E data cable was approved of examination by Shandong Province Economic and Trade Commission.

  ● In August, the category 6 data cables were developped.

  ● In October, the company was recognized as the prinvincial level enterprise technology development center.

  ● In November, the name of Shandong Hongan Group was changed into Hongan Group Co.,Ltd.

  ● In November, the project of catetory 5 data cable was approved of listing national 3rd special finance bond plan by National Economic and Trade Committee and became the the key high-tech item of the national torch plan.


  ● In January, the company was awarded 'Shandong province top 10 high-tech enterprises'.

  ● In March, the company was awarded 'National Torch plan key high-tech enterprise'.

  ● In April, the 14th China's information industry Best 100 enterprises

  ● In July, the Shandong Hongan Optical Fiber Cable Company established.

  ● In November, the fiber coloring machine from Austria, testing equipment from US DCM, back twist pair twister and rotary traction cabling machine from France, ring winding machine from US, insulated wire from Rosendahl Austria and SZ cabling machine from Switzerland etc 10 sets and matched domestic equipments were purchased.


  ● In March, the Restructuring of the company successed that Mr. SunYouan was the company's first chairman of board of directors.

  ● In April, the 15th China's information industry Best 100 enterprises.


  ● In May, the 16th China's information industry Best 100 enterprises.

  ● In December, General manager Mr.SunYouan and 65 employees visited Haier Group to study.


  ● In May, the 17th China's information industry Best 100 enterprises.

  ● In September, the Company new logo unveiled.

  ● In December, the post doctoral scientific research workstation established.


  ● In May, the 18th China's information industry Best 100 enterprises.


  ● In May, the 19th China's information industry Best 100 enterprises.


  ● In May, the 20th China's information industry Best 100 enterprises.


  ● In May, the 22th China's information industry Best 100 enterprises.

  ● In June, the first term of Hongan Power Tool Project put into production.


  ● In July, the 23th China's information industry Best 100 enterprises.


  ● In July, the General manager of China Telecom visited the company.


  ● In March, the chairman of the Board of Directors Ms Zhouqing was awarded of 'woman pace-setter' of Weihai City.

  ●  In October, the chairman of the Board of Directors Ms Zhouqing was elected as the executive member of the council of four associations by the consideration of Shandong province's four associations.


  ● In February, the chairman of the Board of Directors Ms Zhouqing was elected the 16th session of the National People's Congress of Weihai city.

  ●In May, the chairman of the Board of Directors Ms Zhouqing was awarded the 7th outstanding young entrepreneurs of Weihai city.

  ● In July, the project of Electronic Information Industry renaissance and Technology reconstruction which invested 60 million RMB , that is Bow-type drop cables for access network has approved of examining by the experts consisting of Weihai economic and information committee and Shanghai's cable research institute ect.

technique center

  Brief introduction
   Hongan Group insists on the strategies of marketing oriented and enterprise developed by scientific technology. In the beginning of 1990s, the company established the cable research institute, which invested 4 million RMB. The research institute took the modes of "going out to study and inviting experts" to set up widely technical cooperations with the famous domestic research institutes and unversities or colleges. The company carried out "production , study and research" cooperation to product,research and develop  a set of products, which accelerate the development and reserve of new products. The company took measures of inspiring innovation and expanded the markets, so that achieved the unconventional and great-leap-forward development.
   In December of 1996, the company established the Hongan's Technology Center based on the cable research institute and Perfect innovation mechanism according the market, so that accelerate the speed of developing new products.The Hongan's Technology Center have developed self-support communication cables, flame retardant type communication cables, oil filled cables, central tube optical fiber cables, large core number ribbon optical fiber cables, Steel wire armored cables, ADSS self-support optical fiber cables, indoor flexible optical fiber cables, connectors of fiber, enhanced category 5 data cables, category 6 data cables etc. It has developed 81 kinds of new products, 3 of them filled the domestic blank, 15 of them filled the provincial blank, 23 of them had the science and Technology Achievement Awards above the municipal level.
   The item of enhanced category 5 data cables that transmission frequency can reach 350MHz developped in 1999, it had been included in the national Torch Program projects and third batch of national special fund for treasury bond plan, which filled the domestic blank. The item of connectors of fibers was included in the national special fund for treasury bond plan. Scientific  and technical achievements conversion rate reached 92%. The Hongan's Technology Center was identified as provincial-level enterprise technology development center in 1999. The company set up postdoctoral scentific research workstation approved by the State Ministry of personnel.

  Scientific research achievements
  The Hongan' Technolgy Center has completed construction of  the research base with Shanghai cable researh institute, Wuhan Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications, Tianjin University. The parties took their advantages  so the innovation of photoelectric cables always placed at the forefront of the industry and Hongan's new products always placed the international leading level.







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